Islantilla Serie 2022

Autumn/Winter collection

Interesting and at the same time bizarr is the second life of home textil used as wrapping for outboard-motors of small fisherboots in a fishermen’s village in the south of Spain.

I couldnt find anybody who could make me plausibel this phenomena. But everyone does it. It mantains the motor dry, was my first thought, but this are outborder wich are supposed to resist the salty water. Whenn you wrapp them in a thick blanket, you may make it even worse.They are so professional wrapped even Cristo would became jealous.This artwork and the silence around it makes me suspicious. Maybe there is a fiscal reason for it. I suspect, the fishermann want to make this big motors not recognizble for spontaneus controls from the fiscal authorities.

In any case I find them realy beautiful.

The serie “Textil Findings” was made at the same place. These are leftovers that lie around composing beautiful drapery.

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Textil Findings

Its Art! Take your time!