Nocturnes 2019-2022

When Frederic Chopin composed the world-famous piano pieces “Nocturnes” at the beginning of the 19th century, he was certainly influenced by the enthusiasm and idealization of the night of German romanticism.

They are short, haunting piano pieces of striking clarity and delicate beauty, like the memories of a fleeting dream in the drowsiness of waking.

I borrowed the name of the series of “Night Pieces” from him, for my serie. On the one hand I love these miniatures very much, on the other, because I interpret a certain kind of darkness I dreamed of into these pieces.

Unfortunately, I still need a small amount of light to take my photos. Not much, the sparse moonlight is sufficient with today’s technology to generate brilliant images. Something that at the beginning of my photographic career was an impossible task, or at least one that involved the greatest of effort and limitations. In the 1970s and 1980s, for example, people were still not filming or photographing at full night, but rather in the twilight moments after sunset.

The “pieces” presented here are the result of my efforts. This series is far from over for me, maybe it never will be: there is still a lot hidden in the darkness.

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Its Art! Take your time!