In my work, “landscape” is my immediate surroundings.
It never occurred to me to travel just to photograph there (I mean, of course, long-distance travel). It’s , indeed, even worse: if I actually have to go on such a trip, I usually don’t even take a camera with me.

You might find that strange, though if you follow my approach to photography, it might become a bit more understandable.
Idealized landscape photography is a horror to me.
My surroundings, my place of residence, my home are the subject of my photographs, even if these have changed frequently in the course of my life.
The serial character of my work requires a recurring preoccupation with certain situations (motifs). Even if each work for itself should last, single photographs, as a rule, are not sufficient to completely  fulfill)an artistic task. Such an approach makes it almost impossible to realize my works in places I cannot visit regularly.
In most of my works, human intervention in nature is more or less visible. This is quite intentional, and should not be understood as a cheap criticism of the so-called “landscape destruction by man”, but as a deliberate integration of this trade in my aesthetics.

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Calima (Sahara Winds) Huelva (E)

Landscape with Industry, Beinheim (F)

Black Forest Freiburg (D)

Rio Tinto (E)


After Ice Rain Grötzingen (G)

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