Cabezos de Huelva (Known Paths)


In the part of my childhood that I spent at the foot of these hills, they were still full of mystery and danger.

The shacks that were embedded almost invisibly in the narrow valleys, crude soot-blackened caves, hidden behind tin facades and garbage, housed our own caste of untouchables: the gypsy families who lived here in precarious circumstances.

We children were terrified of these dark creatures dressed in rags, always surrounded by dogs and chickens. We waged a kind of Cold War against them, in which, surprisingly, only rarely did the proverbial blood really flow.

Now it is a park full of cactus, eucalyptus and trails from which you have a splendid panoramic view of the city of Huelva, over the marshes of the Odiel River and its own flow, to the distant Punta Umbria, one of its mouths to the Atlantic Ocean.

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