How to by a work

Thank you for your interest in my work!

This is very important to me.

If you are considering buying one of my works, I want to make the step a little easier for you. Send me an email using the contact form in which you specify which work it is and the size and design you would like it to have. If the size you have in mind isn’t listed, just ask. With a few exceptions, other formats can be produced. When I have received your email, I will tell you the price and the bank details for transfer. When the money is credited to my account, the picture will be prepared and sent. If it is to be framed, the processing time will be a few days longer, beacuase the frames usually have to be made in the workshop first. It is sent via DHL or, for larger formats, with a corresponding transport service provider. You can also pick up the pictures in my studio in Spain. I always look forward to visitors! Just give me a call, before you come!

Best regards

Rafael Cardenas