The Time Machine

This exhibition can be seen in the foyer of the Teatro de la Fundición in Seville (Spain) from February 1. to March 23. of 2024

The works are from 2020.

The photographs in the style of a reportage of an apartment in a small town in southern Germany shows the place of an inmigrant family wich has survived the past 50 years almost unchanged. Like a journey through time, the viewer is confronted with the precarity of this desadvantaged people in the early seventies, unembellished and yet full of the poetry of a not always easy everyday life.

Interview by 1 Cadena de RTVE

Diario de Sevilla 2. 2. 2024

Podcast Interview by OPU TV
German-Spanish. Bilingual

ABC of Sevilla
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Some pics of the vernisage

Outdoor-Exhibition Kurpark Schömberg

As part of the Schömberger Fotoherbst, the open-air exhibition “God’s Work and the Devil’s Contribution” was exhibited in the Kurpark.

This series of 31 round objects was derived from a series of very haunting photographic works with satellite images, which in recent years has ensured international awareness and recognition of my work.

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Exhibition “Cielo toca Mar”

Literally: “When the sky touches the sea”.

A small but fine show of seascapes from the last years. The exhibition opening is on 12.09. 2023 at 19:00, and it runs until 26.09. 2023 inclusive in the Sala de usos múltiples, Centro de la Comunicación Jesús Hermida, Avda. Presidente Adolfo Suárez, E-21001 Huelva.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 a 13:00


Interview in Cadena SER Radio Huelva (Spanish)

 Radio La Caverna interview (Spanish)


6 – 26 Mai 2022:

Exhibition in  Castizo Ciluaga, edicficio municipal de Bellavista, Huelva (E)

Exibition Bella Vista May 2022

2019 Zentrum für Kunst und Medien

Exhibition “Wrighting the History of the Future”