Satelite 2014-2020

"The Divine Creation and Devil's Contribution"

Rafael Cárdenas shows structures of fundamental beauty. To do this, it follows human paths from the perspective of the satellite and reaches places that not only literally show the aesthetics of divine creation, but also human influence,

The title of the exhibition is „The Divine Creation and the Devil’s Contribution“ based on the German translation of John Irving’s novel „The Rules of the Cider House“ are, of course, without any prejudice.

„Overview“ is called the phenomenon when astronauts look at the earth from space for the first time. It is said that this experience changed them forever.

Rafael Cardena’s photographs create something similar, but from Earth. His landscapes, taken by satellites from a height of 20 km, show fascinating parts of our world. To achive the result presented in his work, Rafael Cardenas painstakingly assembles up to 250 individual photographs into a final Image. This technique is necessary to produce these works in a size that you are able to experience all the aesthetics of structures and details. The objects, the thick like a finger, have a diameter of one meter and are made of Methacrylate and Alubond.

They are round like the earth itself, so hard edges and corners do not limit the view of the landscape. So you immerse yourself in them, when you loock at them closely, says the artist.

Joachim Haessler